Open Call BCMC China

Building Cooperation with Migrant Communities:
Creating Employment Opportunities and Internationalizing Greek entrepreneurship through the Chinese Diaspora in Greece (BCMC-China)


 This 12-month long project aims at promoting cooperation between the Chinese Community in Greece and Greek entrepreneurs, with the support of SolidarityNow. The end-result will be to build economic partnerships and create employment opportunities for both Greeks and members of the Chinese diaspora in Greece. The project intends to highlight the largely hidden potential of migrant communities as sources of ideas and innovation, creating new economic networks that can be beneficial for both the host country (Greece) and the country of origin (China). The project is based on the hypothesis that diasporas have knowledge and ideas that can act as bridges between distant countries and help them overcome social isolation in the host country.

The objective of the project is going to be achieved through a set of specific actions:

ü  Bring together young Greek and Chinese people and enhance linkages between them

ü  Enhance the interest of new entrepreneurs (both Greek and Chinese) in extrovert business opportunities


(a)Enhance export-oriented entrepreneurship in Greece – 5-6 new companies are expected to be created


(c)  Increase linkages and foster cooperation initiatives between Greeks and the Chinese community in Athens

(d)Assist the integration of Chinese migrants in Greek society

Eligibility Criteria:

-25-29 years of age

-University degree

-Intention to start your own business or have set up your own business within the past 5 years

-Interest in the Chinese market

Please submit the following information here: indicating “BCMC China- [Full name]” in the subject line, until the 7th of April 2016.


  1. Europass CV
  2.  Scanned copy of proven knowledge of the English language (Proficiency, Advance, Toefl certificate or any foreign university degree)
  3.  Motivation Letter (1. Why are you interested in participating in the program? 2. Please provide a short description of your business idea/company. 3. How do your future plans fit into the program? 4. What do you expect to get out of the program?)